Our Service

In addition to settlement services, wherein title insurance is sold through our company, we can offer other vendors and individuals, such as out of state title companies, lenders, buyers and sellers, the benefit of a professional closing with an experienced closer when the need arises. We can schedule your closing and sign you, or your clients, in our office or possibly another location.

Some of the Ways We Are Here to Help:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Experienced Notaries
  • Licensed Professionals
  • Professional Dress Attire
  • Professional Office Environment
  • Single Document/Signors or Multiple Party Closings
  • Digital, Paper Copy and Shipping Services Available
  • Night, Weekend and Holiday Signings Available
  • Mobile Notary Service Available in the Harris County, TX Area

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike most “Notary Services”, we fully understand the typical loan package and know what to do to get the package where it is supposed to be with the least delays possible. We take our time to be sure the client is comfortable and understands what he/she is signing. Although we cannot define their documents, a simple understanding of what it is, is usually sufficient. We can help them find their answers otherwise.

We understand that this is all about the client. Sometimes it may be their first purchase of a home and they may need a more gentle approach than a notary that simply says “sign here” may give. Sometimes it may be a seasoned client that just needs to “get going”. We work with the client’s wishes to make their event the easiest it can be.

Our Fees

  • Notary Signing in Our Office (includes download/printing/copying)
    starting at $150
  • Mobile Notary/Nights/Weekends/Holidays (within 20 miles of Houston)
    starting at $250
  • Single Document Signing (IE: Warranty Deed) In Office

**These fees assume a single closing event is taking place at a single location. Any notary service that is determined to take more than 90 minutes to sign may be charged at a higher rate. Services may be paid at the time of closing, at the time of funding, or upon pre-approval on net terms. Notary services are paid directly to the notary. To place an order for notary services,  contact us.